Database Development

Database design, development and management.

SunriseDev offers a range of database design, development and migration services.

Our approach to designing and developing databases ensures that your applications will provide high levels of data integrity along with usability and clear user-interface design.

 Some of our systems deal with thousands of database tables and hundreds of custom packages. The system should work effectively and fast, and its size and type should not matter. We have experience in working with systems with lots of users, data changes, systems that require fast feedback and data warehousing systems for advanced analytics and complex reporting.

We provide services for databases for most major platforms and operating systems using MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, for web application development & management. Therefore according to the project requirements we can select the appropriate database to achieve best results.

 In particular, we support editions from SQL Server Express to SQL Server Enterprise, as well as SQL Database service, formerly known as SQL Azure Database. Our team can develop custom stored procedures, functions and triggers, including CLR User-Defined Functions.

 Additionally we are specializing in Database performance tuning for customers who use our application with large databases: optimizing indexes, partitioning of data, optimizing queries.

Database is not simply a data storage. It is much more. Many systems don't use even percents of a huge range of opportunities provided by modern database-management systems. Oracle's PL/SQL language is a good way to implement data processing code. Moving a part of logic from Java or C modules to PL/SQL can result in large performance improvements.

Nowadays very popular became NoSQL databases, due to its effectiveness in working with big data sets. We have acquired solid experience with such NoSql databases as MongoDb and CouchDb.

If you're interested in discussing a potential project related to database design, modeling, performance optimization, tuning, normalization, import/export, backup, development of stored procedures or triggers, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can view the examples of our projects on Case Studies page.

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